About Plukon

The Plukon Food Group is one of the biggest players in the European poultry market, supplying chicken products and ready meals to leading European food partners. With 27 sites spread across six countries and employing more than 6,500 people, we play a leading international role when it comes to translating customer needs into innovative products, formats and farming solutions.

Facts & Figures

Plukon Food Group operates eleven poultry processors and seven processing and packaging plants across the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Poland, where 9 million chickens are slaughtered and processed on a weekly basis.

Future plans

Plukon aims to be Europe’s most knowledge-driven, flexible, efficient and innovative producer of poultry and meals. We intend to achieve this by operating on the basis of our core values: innovation, realism and responsibility. Using innovation as our point of departure, consumer needs as our guideline, and by being mindful of the environment throughout, we develop future-focused food solutions. Plukon Food Group is the leading expertise centre for poultry, and it is on this basis that we intend to pursue continued growth, in terms of quality, capacity and efficiency.

Our core values