Free-range Chicken

Free-range Chicken

Free-range chicken has been awarded one ‘Better Life’ star from the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (Dierenbescherming). That makes this chicken a welfare-friendly choice.

Feed and living conditions

Free-range Chickens are raised under good housing conditions and have a longer life. The chicken house has a covered outdoor area, which is  around 25% of the total surface of the house. The outdoor area offers not only fresh air, but also plenty of light. This ensures a natural day and night rhythm.

This chicken has a more robust, tender and fuller taste because it is a slower-growing breed.

Plenty of enrichment

The living environment is strewn with wood shavings so the chickens can scratch, in addition to straw bales, hiding places, and dust baths. In addition, grain is sprinkled daily to promote the natural behavior of the animals.

Entire process subject to strict requirements

The Free-range chicken with covered outdoor area has been awarded one ‘Better Life’ star and meets all EU requirements. To carry the ‘Better Life’ label, poultry meat producers must comply with an ‘integral chain management’ requirement for the entire process, from the breeding and hatchery stages to poultry farming, slaughtering and packaging. All steps must comply with strict integral chain management standards.

Beter Leven

The Free-range Chicken with covered run has been awarded one ‘Better Life’ star. The Better Life label is a three-star system developed by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals and can be found on an increasing variety of meat, chicken and egg packaging. The more stars, the more animal-friendly the product!