Animal health

Early Feeding

‘Early Feeding’ is another result of our fruitful partnerships in the supply chain. Unlike the traditional breeding method, chicks which receive early feeding are fed as soon as they are hatched. The additional ingredients make them stronger and help them to build up their immune systems against pathogens more quickly. While this innovation is not noticeable to consumers, it does marginally improve chickens’ lives.

GMO-Free Poultry Feed

Based on market demand, Plukon supplies chickens fed with GMO-free poultry feed, using (among other ingredients) sustainable, non-GMO soy which meets the criteria set by the ProTerra Foundation. In order to ensure these criteria, the transport of the feed is also strictly monitored.

Reduction of Antibiotics

When it comes to poultry farming practices, Plukon Food Group promotes animal health and the restrictive and selective use of antibiotics. As part of its efforts to reduce the use of antibiotics by broiler farmers, Plukon was the first player in the poultry meat sector to reward broiler farmers who refrain from using antibiotics. These measures have helped to significantly reduce the use of antibiotics in the poultry meat sector.