Organic Chicken

Organic Chicken

Plukon has its own organic chicken line of products. In the Belgian Ardennes, a large number of enthusiastic farms contribute to creating a chain that fully meets the strict requirements for organic poultry farming.

Organic chicken

Organic poultry meat comes from chickens with access to an abundance of fresh air, daylight and outdoor space. These chickens are fed only organic feed that is adapted to this slow-growing breed.

Requirements for organic poultry production

Every effort is made to allow the chickens to live as natural a life as possible. Production is less intensive and with a 4 m² run space, organic chickens have plenty of room to ‘live like chickens’.

Organic feed

The feed requirements for organic chickens are very strict. A minimum of 20% of the feed must be produced at the farm or in the region. The grains must be produced GMO-free and are subject to stringent requirements regarding pesticide and fertiliser use.

Entire process subject to strict requirements

Organic chicken has been awarded three ‘Better Life’ stars from the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals and meets all EU and SKAL requirements for organic farming.

Beter Leven

Organic chicken has been awarded three ‘Better Life’ stars. The ‘Better Life’ label is a three-star system developed by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals. The more stars, the more animal-friendly the product. The label can be found on an increasing variety of meat, chicken and egg packaging.