Plukonnect (app)

The Plukon Food Group provides its portal Plukonnect for upstream poultry supply chain partners within Europe. It is principally intended for poultry farmers, however other chain partners are also able to access the portal. Because Plukon Food Group values privacy it is required to have an account for Plukonnect. Plukonnect can be used free of charge and is available as a desktop website and as mobile app for Android and iOS.

Within Plukonnect the exchange of information between the Plukon Food Group and its supply chain partners is the main purpose. For example declaration of food chain information for poultry or exchange of documents in regards to poultry deliveries.

If there are any questions about Plukonnect or if you have need for an account do contact us by sending an email to:

We will get in contact with you on a short notice.