“Windstreek” pilot project partnership with Albert Heijn and University of Wageningen. As part of the “Windstreek” project, a new rearing concept for broilers, Plukon started working with the first Biotop pen.

The Dutch poultry-rearing company Plukon Food Group responded to the increasing criticism of consumers at home and in Germany by experimenting with a new fattening pen. The 2400m2 “Windstreek pilot pen” in Raalte is expected to offer 25,000 broilers “natural living conditions”. The model combines a standard of animal welfare, saves on resources and has low emissions, according to Plukon. The pen provides generous space for pecking and scratching together with extensive covered yards. In addition, raised perches and bales of straw provide areas of rest and distraction for the animals. The chickens live under daylight and thus follow a natural circadian rhythm.

“This is how the future of poultry rearing can look,” explained Plukon CEO, Peter Poortinga, at the launch. Plukon is active in several Western European countries. We notice every day that people are very interested in what is happening in the Netherlands, and that the demand for animal-friendly and sustainable raised poultry is growing, especially in Germany,” says Poortinga. With over 7 million chickens being slaughtered per week and around €1.4 billion in revenue (2014), Plukon is one of the largest European players in the poultry market.

The “Windstreek” consortium is a private-public partnership model in which an agricultural representative, pen construction representative and animal breeding researchers from the University of Wageningen collaborate with Plukon in the development of alternative animal-rearing methods. The associated retailer is Albert Heijn. Together with AH, Plukon has already translated several animal welfare concepts for chickens, the latest being “The New Albert Heijn Chicken”. AH has already announced that within a few months it will carry only animal-friendly poultry.


Partner: Peter Poorting (l.), CEO der Plukon Food Group,
arbeitet mit Erik Kieftenburg, Director Merchandising & Sourcing Poultry,
Fish, Meat von Albert Heijn, beim Tierwohl zusammen.