Plukon receives international animal welfare award

The animal welfare organisation Compassion in World Farming has presented the Windstreek ‘biotope’ broiler house of Plukon Food Group with the international ‘Best Innovation Award 2016’.

Visbek, Germany, 29 June 2016. For the third time, Plukon Food Group has received an award from the international animal welfare organisation Compassion in World Farming. Having previously been presented with the Good Chicken Award 2012 for its animal-friendly FairMast and Volwaard models, Plukon Food Group received the ‘Best Innovation Award 2016’ in Berlin on 28 June 2016, at the ‘Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards 2016’. This is a new award category, presented by the animal welfare group for the first time this year. The pioneering Windstreek ‘biotope’ broiler house, which Plukon put into operation at the end of 2015, also received an award.

In presenting this award to Plukon for its innovative broiler house, the animal welfare organisation is recognising a project that significantly improves the living conditions of broiler chickens. “We are delighted to present Plukon Food Group with the ‘Best Innovation Award’ 2016 for its Windstreek broiler house,” said Nathan Williams, Food Business Manager of Compassion in World Farming. “The Windstreek project contributes significantly to implementing a variety of improvements in terms of animal welfare and sustainability in enclosed broiler houses. Ranging from perches to natural daylight to heating for chicks, the Windstreek broiler house sets new standards for animal welfare, which demonstrates that such higher standards can be achieved even in efficiently designed broiler houses. This makes the Windstreek project an important inspiration for the poultry industry as a whole. Our award is designed to highlight exactly these types of ambitious and innovative projects, so that other companies will be encouraged to follow this successful example.”