Plukon Free-range Chicken chain to experience 20% growth

The Plukon Food Group plans to further roll out its Free-range Chicken range, resulting in an expected total production volume increase of 20%. In addition to increased consumer demand through the supermarket channel, industrial customers are also showing increasing interest.

Together with the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals, Plukon developed a new animal husbandry concept in 2007 called ‘Volwaard’. This first animal-friendly initiative also laid the foundation for the Better Life logo.

This Volwaard free-range chain has made Plukon the market leader, with a market share of around 90% of total sales of animal-friendly chicken meat in Dutch supermarkets.

Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Plus are the largest buyers of this unique Dutch free-range concept. In recent years, the Plukon chain has grown to more than 50 enthusiastic poultry farmers who have expanded their sheds to incorporate this animal husbandry concept. In addition to this group, there is also a group of around 50 Dutch farmers on the waiting list to introduce sustainable and animal-friendly practices.

Thanks in part to the work of the Wakker Dier Dutch animal welfare organisation, Plukon has experienced increasing interest from supermarket organisations and industrial buyers. This is reason enough for Plukon to accelerate its growth to 120,000 chickens. This scaling-up is in keeping with the group’s goals to also acquire a leading position in Northwestern Europe with its free-range concept. To accomplish this, Plukon actively seeks potential buyers, both retailers and industrial buyers, to market this concept and enable a further scaling-up.