Plukon Food Group announces takeover of Spanish poultry company Grupo VMR

Wezep-Madrid, 29 January 2020 – Plukon Food Group B.V. (Plukon) acquired 100% of the shares in Grupo de Gestión Empresarial Avícola VMR, S.L. (VMR). 

The Plukon Food Group is primary known as a major European player in the field of poultry and, with the acquisition of Fresh Care Convenience in Dronten on 10 January 2020, has recently specialised in vegetable processing. 

Both Plukon and VMR are companies with a strong focus on quality and performance. Where Plukon has a strong position in the retail market of its existing production countries, VMR specialises in supplying a premium assortment of poultry products to the local retail, wholesale and food service market under the Gallus Gallus brand. This more traditional market is still big in Spain and with its own distribution network, VMR is an important supplier of various Madrid-based sales channels. 

The fully integrated VMR group has its own slaughterhouse, which is supplied exclusively from its own poultry chain consisting of a feed factory west of Madrid and a meat processing facility in Madrid. VMR is also a joint venture partner of the Portuguese Grupo Valouro for pedigree-breeding, breeding and hatching of day-old chicks. 

CEO Peter Poortinga 

” The acquisition of VMR fits Plukon’s European ambition to become a leading player in the production and marketing of poultry in Europe. With the addition of Spain as sixth home country, Plukon has created a production and sales area in Europe with over 260 million consumers, almost 60% EU residents after Brexit.” 

Plukon Food Group is a leading player in innovative chicken and meal concepts in Europe. A leading European supplier of innovative chicken and meal products, Plukon Food Group has five production sites in the Netherlands, three in Belgium, five in Germany, one in Poland and four in France. The Group has a workforce of more than 5,500 employees. Plukon generated a total of EUR 1.8 billion in turnover in 2019 and is aiming for EUR 2 billion in 2020. 

Grupo VMR is a premium player in poultry production and processing and the supply of chicken products to local retail, wholesale and food services markets. VMR supplies customers on a daily basis in central Spain using its own unique distribution channel. In total, approx. 550 employees work at the production sites in Madrid and Cáceres. VMR’s turnover is approx. EUR 100 million.