Plukon Food Group acquires French poultry producer DUC

Plukon Food Group (through a subsidiary) has reached agreement with DUC S.A. about an acquisition of new shares in DUC S.A. At the same time Plukon Food Group has agreed to acquire the shares held by DUC S.A.’s major shareholders. As a result of the transactions, Plukon Food Group will hold 97% of the shares in DUC S.A.  After this acquisition, Plukon Food Group’s intention is to launch a simplified takeover bid followed by a mandatory squeeze out resulting in the transfer of all DUC S.A. shares to Plukon Food Group and the delisting of DUC S.A. DUC S.A.’s shares are currently listed on Euronext Paris.

CEO Peter Poortinga about this agreement: ”The acquisition of DUC enables Plukon Food Group to further implement its retail strategy in France as a national producer. The current growth plans in France are strengthened as a result of this acquisition.”

Both Plukon Food Group and DUC have a strong focus on high quality, fresh products for the retail market. Both are working on new concepts to improve animal welfare and to reduce the use of antibiotics. The DUC product portfolio is a good addition to the product portfolio of Plukon Food Group. The new group will continue the cooperation with DUC’s poultry farmers and is open for further expansion.

The transaction is subject to the usual conditions, such as approval by the competent competition authorities.

About Plukon Food Group
Plukon is a leading player in the European poultry meat market. The Plukon Food Group has 13 locations (8 poultry slaughterhouses and 5 processing and packaging companies) in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium with a weekly slaughter volume of 7 million chickens. The group generated a total of 1.4 billion euros in turnover in 2015, with a total workforce of close to 4,500 people.

About DUC Group
DUC Group is the leading European of certified poultry. DUC is specialized in the production, slaughter, packaging and marketing of poultry. DUC offers a complete and varied range of elaborated products, certified, standard and organic, all obeying the criteria of a sector renowned for its requirement. DUC has 4 production sites in France and a small production location within Bulgaria. DUC has a weekly slaughter volume of 600 thousand chicken and processes 30 thousand turkeys on a weekly basis. DUC has a total workforce around 800 people.