The two companies will officially become one on 2 January 2013. The competition authority sees no obstacles to the intended transaction. The works councils of both companies have also approved the merger.

Both the Plukon Food Group and InterChicken specialise in fresh pre-packaged products, though their marketing strategies are aimed at different channels. The economies of scale that can be achieved by the merger will contribute to achieving the goal of maintaining a leading position in all relevant markets in Northwestern Europe.

The new group has a combined turnover of around 1.4 billion euros. The activities are spread over 14 production locations and carried out by more than 4,100 employees. Around 6.7 million chickens and turkeys are processed each week.

Efforts in coming months will be aimed at coordinating production between the various locations. Both companies aim to acquire and maintain a leading position in the Northwestern European poultry meat market, with a focus on continuity, delivery quality and innovation.