No more cut-price broilers: ‘new challenges’ for poultry meat producer Plukon

Poultry meat producer Plukon is facing the future more confidently now that the three largest supermarkets in the Netherlands have announced that they will no longer carry so-called cut-price broilers from 2016. “We are facing new challenges, but have a pioneering role in that sort of process,” says marketing manager Gerda Zijlstra.

The company, which is established in Dedemsvaart and Goor, forms an important link between supermarkets and poultry breeders. The decreasing demand for cut-price broilers has led to more production flows being kept separate within Plukon. Some other processing procedures also have to be revised within the company.

Definitely not a reason to worry, according to Zijlstra. The changes in the market do not have unusual consequences for the company. She reiterated that Plukon is constantly adjusting to its customers’ wishes and that the developments regarding poultry meat never stop: looking ahead is our motto. “We never know where it ends. It will not be like it was, though.”