In addition to receiving approval from the competition authority regarding this transaction, all major shareholders of DUC gave their consent on 31 January for the acquisition of DUC by the Plukon Food Group. The Plukon Food Group now owns 97.7% of shares and will become a 100% owner of the remaining shares as a result of a squeeze-out procedure.

Peter Poortinga, CEO of the Plukon Food Group, has been appointed the new managing director of DUC and a new board of directors has been formed. This merger will enable the Plukon Food Group to grow further within Europe. The acquisition means a further expansion of the Plukon Food Group to a total of 20 locations (including ten poultry slaughterhouses and seven processing and packaging companies).

There will continue to be a strong emphasis on high-quality, fresh products for retail. Both will also continue to work to develop new animal welfare improvement concepts and to reduce the use of antibiotics. The DUC product range will be added to the Plukon Food Group range.

The new group will continue the existing cooperation with DUC poultry farmers and is open to further expansion. A four-year job guarantee has also been given to 800 DUC employees.

About Plukon Food Group
The Plukon Food Group is one of Europe’s biggest players in the poultry market. The group operates 13 sites (eight poultry slaughterhouses and five processing and packaging plants) in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, with a weekly slaughter volume of seven million chickens. Its turnover in 2015 was 1.4 billion euros. The Plukon Food Group employs close to 4,500 people.

About DUC
DUC is an important player in certified poultry in France. The company specialises in the production, slaughter, packaging and marketing of poultry meat, offering a complete and varied range of chicken and turkey products. DUC operates four production locations in France and has run a smaller production location in Bulgaria since December 2007. The company has a weekly slaughter volume of 600 thousand chickens and processes 30 thousand turkeys. Approximately 800 staff are employed at DUC.