Agreement between Plukon and Stolle on merger

Plukon Food Group B.V. and the Stolle family have announced that they have reached a principle agreement on the merger of Friki Germany and the Stolle Group.

Both the Stolle Group and the Plukon Royal Group specialise in fresh, pre-packaged products for supermarket chains and fresh and frozen poultry meat for the food service segment and food industry in Northwestern Europe. Turnover from processing activities in 2010 for the Plukon Royal Group was around 740 million euros and around 370 million euros for the Stolle Group.

The Plukon Royal Group has five branches in the Netherlands, three in Belgium and two in Germany, with a total workforce of 2,700 employees. The Stolle Group has four branches in Germany, with a total workforce of 1,500 employees.

The transaction is being submitted for approval to the relevant competition authorities.

The intended merger between the Stolle Group and Friki Germany is based on the ambition of both companies to secure a leading position in the Germany poultry meat market, with a focus on continuity and delivery quality. Plukon Royal and the four companies owned by the Stolle family are a perfect match and both have a strong financial position. The Stolle family will continue to be involved in the newly established group, both financially and personally.

The new group will together generate around 1.1 billion euros in turnover with more than 4,000 employees and 13 production locations and process around 6.5 million chickens and turkeys weekly.