Forward Food Solutions

What does this promise entail?

Consumers and supply chain partners can count on us to deliver on the Plukon promise, which is front and centre in all our operations. Forward Food Solutions. This promise is linked directly to our ambitious plans for the future, our values, and our views on food, and determines our overall strategic direction.

‘Forward’ represents our drive for innovation and commitment to developing new products and launching new initiatives in the supply chain. This ranges from creating supply chain solutions to improving animal welfare and from food innovation to developing new packaging solutions.

The ‘Food’ part of the proposition involves more than just delivering the highest-quality chicken and turkey products: Plukon is currently one of Europe’s larger producers of ultra-fresh meals, including ready-to-eat products – such as pasta salads and main-meal salads – and ready-to-cook meals. Since Plukon started out as a manufacturer of branded products, marketers and product developers play a key role in our team, and innovative thinking is in the organisation’s blood. The result is a steady supply of innovative food concepts that have their own position in the market for sustainably-produced and diverse food products.

The Solutions we provide are realistic, knowledge-driven concepts we implement in conjunction with our supply chain partners. This may range from solutions for broiler houses to innovative food ideas for supermarket sale.

Our core values